After 10 years finally my first blog

Story of 10 years procrastinating and finally the end to it.

Ever since 2016, the idea of starting a blog has been whispering in my ear. I've always found it fascinating to share my thoughts with the world and see how readers react. The possibility of building a community that connects with my content is what truly captivates me. While I didn't have any specific topics in mind, I felt that the spontaneous ideas that pop into my head deserve a platform – a place where they can be shared and appreciated.

My journey with ADD has been all about self-discovery and reevaluation. At first, I saw my inability to concentrate on one thing for a long time as a major hindrance. But over time, I've come to see this trait differently. Even though I may not focus on one task for very long, the moments I do are filled with intense creativity and efficiency. This realization was a turning point for me, helping me understand that what I once saw as a limitation could actually be a strength in the fast-paced world of blogging.

By embracing my diverse interests, I started to see them not as a scattered approach but as an opportunity to connect with a wider audience. Maybe there are many people out there with similar varied interests, looking for content that doesn't fit into a single box. This thought helped me overcome one of my biggest fears about starting a blog – the fear of judgment and peer pressure. I worried that what I express in my blog might conflict with my in-person interactions. But I've learned that being authentic in my writing is key, even if it presents different facets of my personality.

Looking ahead, my vision for this blog is not just to share thoughts, ideas, and personal struggles, but also to be a source of inspiration and learning for others. Whether it's a life lesson, a tech tip, or just a random musing, I hope to make a positive impact on someone's day, maybe even their life. I want this space to be a haven for those who seek solace in shared experiences and for those eager to learn something new.

So, as I embark on this journey, I invite you to join me. Expect posts that range from heartfelt to practical, from contemplative to spontaneous. Together, let's explore the multifaceted world through my lens – one post at a time.

-Your Friend, Randy

Randy Thiessen December 18, 2023
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