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A Journey from Dreams to Reality: Embracing Action Over Procrastination

Ever since I can remember, I've been a dreamer. I've envisioned a future where I start my own business, travel the world, and lead what I call the perfect life. These dreams have always been vivid in my imagination, but for the longest time, they remained just that – dreams. This pattern of thinking about a future without taking action to make it a reality became a constant struggle.

As someone who avidly listens to Jim Rohn and other motivational speakers, I've often been struck by Jim’s advice on goal setting. Rohn emphasizes the importance of clearly defining what you want – how high, how wide, what color, what year, where, and so on. But here I was, with dreams floating around in my head, shapeless and unanchored. It dawned on me that my dreams and goals were like a ship without a destination, aimlessly drifting until they inevitably crashed. This realization was a wake-up call.

My journey with ADD has added another layer of complexity to my goal setting. One day, I envision myself traveling the world; another day, I see myself as the CEO of a thriving company. The next day, the thought of managing a team feels overwhelming, and I lean towards being a solo entrepreneur. This constant flux made it challenging to set a firm direction for my life. Now at 26, I can't help but feel a sense of urgency. The thought of reaching the end of my life without having lived my dream is not just daunting – it's heartbreaking.

So, I made a decision. It was time to stop putting off my dreams for 'someday.' It was time to start now. But where to begin? The first step, I realized, was to get these thoughts out of my head. I started jotting down my ideas, no matter how unrefined, in a notepad. For the technical aspects, like starting a blog, I turned to Google, finding numerous step-by-step guides. I learned that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – and my first step was writing my first blog and then this, my second blog post.

I hope my experience serves as a source of inspiration for anyone reading this. If you've been holding back on starting your own blog or pursuing a dream, let my story be a gentle nudge. You don't need to have everything figured out from the start. It's okay if your first posts aren't perfect or long. What's important is that you begin. Just start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.

Remember, it's not about the length of the blog or the perfection of the content; it's about expressing yourself and taking that first step towards your dreams. So here I am, sharing my journey and inviting you to join me as I navigate through the complexities of life, one blog post at a time.

This realization about the urgency of living my dreams prompted a significant shift in my mindset. It became clear that dreaming about the future was not enough; I needed to actively shape it. The vastness of my ambitions, from traveling the globe to becoming a successful entrepreneur, no longer seemed unreachable once I began to take tangible steps.

The challenge with having ADD is not just the fluctuating interests but also the struggle to maintain focus. Yet, this very struggle has taught me to value the moments of clarity and productivity. I've learned to capture these moments, to use them as stepping stones towards my goals. This blog is one such stepping stone, a testament to my commitment to transforming dreams into reality.

As I write this second blog post, I'm filled with a sense of accomplishment and anticipation. Each word I type is a step away from procrastination and a step closer to the life I’ve always imagined. It's empowering to realize that action, however small, is infinitely more valuable than idle dreaming.

I want this blog to be more than just a collection of posts. I envision it as a journey of growth, learning, and self-discovery. I plan to explore various topics – from the intricacies of starting a business to the joys of solo travel, and the lessons learned from navigating life with ADD. Each post will be a piece of the puzzle that is my life, offering insights, challenges, and triumphs.

To anyone reading this, I hope my journey resonates with you. Maybe you too have been putting off a dream, big or small. Let this be a reminder that there’s no perfect time to start except now. Your aspirations need not be grandiose; they just need to be true to you. Start with what you have, where you are. The rest will follow.

In the days to come, I aim to share not just successes, but also the setbacks and how I navigate them. Because true growth happens in the journey, not just the destination. Stay with me on this adventure, and let's see where this path leads us.

-Your Friend, Randy

Randy Thiessen December 19, 2023
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